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Out + About: Hatfield House Gardens

As I lay here basking in the Spanish sun, it got me thinking about the lovely rare hot bank holiday weekend we've just been lucky enough to enjoy back in the UK. On the bank holiday Monday I visited the beautiful Hatfield House and Gardens. I'm still yet to go into the house and as the weather was so good last weekend I thought I would just stick to outdoor activities including a picnic and exploring the grounds.

A large area of the grounds consist of open fields, which during WW1 were used to test out the first tanks. Then to contrast that they have the forest area and the walled garden which has a mix of fruit trees and flowers swarming with butterflies and bees still. I hear we are supposed to have an Indian summer so with any luck there might be another hot weekend for you to visit before the season ends on the 30th September.

If not you can just enjoy the photos of the garden I took below!


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