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I've been thinking about the re-design for my bedroom now for a while + whilst on holiday visited the old town of Lorca + the medieval castle there. There is something about old weathered walls, wonky terracotta tiles + stone that I'll never get bored of.

loving Kelly Wearstlers fabric Graffito in Linen/ Onyx.I always love taking photos of things which inspire me wherever I go, so my holiday album will be my starting point for the re-design. I'm thinking lime washed walls, with brass wall lamps a mustard Moroccan throw, baskets + eventually a headboard. I'm still

First I'll chose the paint, probably a Bauwerk one as I just love their products then find a floor paint to match whatever I decide on the walls. I want the room to feel calm + relaxing so whatever I choose it'll be a neutral colour. I have even been contemplating having a sisal carpet for the floor, or may just get an oversized rug... decisions decisions! At least now I have a new bed I take my time on deciding what feels right so watch this space...

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