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Back to reality this week after the most beautiful weekend away in France for a friend of mine's wedding. It was my first trip to the French countryside + I can say I was VERY inspired. From the beautiful stone used to build the old houses to the straight lines of the vineyards + rustic charm of the gardens. I have always loved watching escape to the Chateau + now want a French Chateau even more! I'm sure my lottery win will come soon...

Whilst driving from the airport we accidentally took the wrong turn and ended up taking a de-tour through all the stunning countryside with vineyards, pretty villages + winding country lanes. I've never seen so many beautiful huge old houses one after another before, there was just so much to take in!

We stayed in Chateau de Sanse, a quaint little Chateau nestled among the hills of Gironde in the stunning rural South West of France, with amazing views of the surrounding area and farm land. In hindsight it would have been nice to have stayed a bit longer to explore the surrounding area some more but alas we all had work to get back to. The Gironde area makes up part of the Aquitaine region, renowned for its wines, vines, Chateaus and bustling towns of Libourne, Archacon and Bordeaux + I'm pretty sure they must have some fabulous places to do some wine tasting.

One tip I would give is to book up early during wedding season and book any cabs in advance as they seem to be far + few between!

Chateau de Sanse

Dinner at Chateau de Sanse


The Wedding venue

Chateau Rigaud

Chateau RigaudMedieval Chateau which was about a 10min drive from where we were staying at Chateau de Sanse. When you pull up you are welcomed by some huge wooden gates which open out into a beautiful garden surrounded by the medieval walls. You can hire the whole Chateau out even if you just fancy as really impressive house party + they have their own team of chefs to cook for you. If the wedding food was anything to go by then you'll be in for a treat! is a stunning

I had a snoop around the lovely interior in of the Chateau which has been designed to combine modern elements, whilst still complimenting the the old architecture. My favourite detail was the shower in the bridal suite for which they had transformed the whole turret into one huge round shower. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of this, or the the interior so I borrowed some from their website below.

All in all it was the perfect wedding venue (well done Emily + Luke!).

The Kitchen Garden

The Interior


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