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The sun is out and it's got me thinking about the front garden and the improvements that could be done, which realistically is everything! It's only tiny so I am limited with what can be done but the first thing you see is the garden path. The garden path has always been quite a feature on Victorian houses with their use of various patterns and coloured tiles.

Like the rest of the house the original path has been long gone and turned into an ugly uneven concrete jungle. I do like coloured tile options but with the style of my house I think black, whites, blues and greys would look best especially with the colour door. In the hallway I chose a black encaustic tile with a white star, which I was contemplating carrying on outside or potentially using the same design in another colour-way, such as light grey. I've been searching on Pinterest again and taking secret snaps of other gardens I like. Below are a few of my favourite front gardens and a few of the tile designs I love!

Some Inspiration...

Design + Construction:

Photo: Flower Garden Girl

Design + Construction:

Design + Construction:

Design + Construction:

Photo: Flower Garden Girl

My top tiles...

Balboa Marine Encaustic Cement Tile from Terrazzo Tiles | £3.66 per tile

Victorian Classic Encaustic Cement Tile from Terrazzo Tiles | £3.66 per tile

Moroccan Encaustic Cement Pattern 02e from Best Tile | £2.69 per tile

Black Alalpardo Tile from Bert & May | £5 per tile

Here is a little mock of of the front garden with a new wall + the Balboa Marine Encaustic Cement Tile from Terrazzo Tiles, which I think are my favourite! This will be another job to save for next year though, 2018 is the year for planning (+ saving!). I'm intrigued to see if there are any original tiles under the layers of concrete as nearly all the houses down the road have had their original tiles replaced. For now I shall have to wait and see...

Photos via Pinterest

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