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I've been wanting to visit Ardingly Antiques + Collectors Fair for a few years now but have always been busy when it's been on, so this year after a last minute change I finally became free to visit and see what it's all about. This month it was just open on the 17th + 18th July, I went on the 18th which meant it was only £5 entry instead of £20 which lets you in both days. I was there mainly looking for any interesting furniture, lighting or home accessories but they also had barns full of smaller items and collectables. Many of the stall holders have been doing these fairs for years, + slightly annoyingly don't have websites or shops to follow up on things so it's not ideal for planning projects you just have to be able to buy on the spur of the moment!

I got slightly snap happy whilst there and recorded some of the items which caught my eye + I think could work wonderfully in some of the projects I work on, from chairs, to garden planters + door knobs.

This old tub would look great as a laundry basket to give a bathroom an industrial style.

Theses wooden carved panels would work well as art pieces hanging on the wall.


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