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Victorian Terrace Renovation: Week 8

Week 8 and I actually discovered what looked like an original feature! Which unfortunately I had to the re-cover up. Whilst chipping off some old concrete from the floor to prepare the floor for the new tiles I discovered some old patterned tiles which would have been in the outside pouch area before they moved the door out and got rid of the space.

I cleaned it up and admired it for a little while before allowing the tiler to screed over. It cleaned up beautifully, and I haven't seen any similar patterns like it before. It's made me wonder if they just poured concrete over the existing path too. I'm looking forward to seeing what's underneath when I get round to it.

I chose a more modern tile in the hallway, this striking Black star concrete tile from Best Tile.

In the kitchen the tiles were installed for the backsplash. And the grouting finished in the bathroom.

The bathroom suite was nearly fitted, such joy to have a working toilet again! Al the pipes were hidden behind the skirting to keep things neat.


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