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Victorian house renovation: Week 6

Week 6, not in real time as Christmas happened in-between so I treated myself to a couple of weeks off. I did think the kitchen would be done before Christmas, but as I mentioned in my last post I was slightly optimistic. But that didn't matter because at last the kitchen was going in!

I had chosen a clean Scandinavian style kitchen from IKEA, with VOXTOP handleless doors and a KARLBY Oak worktop. Due to the darkness of the room I wanted to keep it as light and uplifting as possible.

The finished kitchen looked great although the installers weren't too happy as it wasn't as straight forward to install, especially if you don't have a straight wall to connect it to. Unlike most kitchens it had a long bracket which was attached to the wall then the units connected to it, but that was only a slight hiccup! The photo below shows the wall bracket in action. The only other issue I had with the kitchen was finding an extractor fan which fit in with the low ceiling. I was lucky that I found one which literally fit by about 1cm! It was a Baumatic one from Curry's.

The kitchen cost around £3,500 excluding the integrated fridge, freezer, oven and hob and extractor.


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