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Victorian Terrace renovation: Week 4 & 5

Week 4 and my lack of patience got the better of me. The plaster still hadn't fully dried upstairs but I wanted to crack on. So I'm sure much to the dismay of many a plasterer/ decorator I started mist-coating the dry patches, just to speed things along. Other then my jumping the gun to get the decorating finished this proved to be a very non-eventful week!

Week 5 things start taking shape a bit more. I managed to crack on with the painting in the rooms, whilst the rest of the plastering was continued in the hall, landing and kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom floor had been covered in screed to even it all out before tiling. The large concrete kitchen tiles also went down, which was great as at last it began to resemble the room and we were one step closer to installing the kitchen. As problems kept cropping up it kept delaying the kitchen install so we had boxes everywhere where we had to store it for the extra few weeks.

Originally as the property would be rented for a while I wasn't too fussed about changing the front door, I thought a lick of paint would do...but unfortunately I was wrong! I got as far as putting some undercoat on before realising that I was being slightly optimistic! One day to door had swollen so much I got locked in, so I decided not to waste anymore time on that!

The flat pack IKEA kitchen units were taking up all the space, but we still managed to get the spot lights up which was lovely after only having one dim bulb lighting 2 rooms for most of the time.

The plastering in the kitchen was completed and the floor tiles were laid.

I began mist coating the walls as soon as they had dried.

I managed to do a few coats on the bathroom walls before any tiling or toilet etc were installed, which was very handy as I didn't have to be very precious about paint splats!

The plastering was finally completed! This was my least favourite of the jobs being done as it was so messy... an I cow;n't do anything until they were gone!


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