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Victorian Terrace Renovation: Week 2

Week 2 and the house was starting to look like a bomb had hit it! Every surface was dirty, dusty, The plastering was a particularly messy job and the damp cold winter slowed things down as it just wouldn't dry! But things were slowly starting to take shape...

Downstairs I decided to knock through the living room and dining room as the dinging room was lacking in light. I didn't want the opening to be too big so that a chair could be put in the corner if I wanted. In the future I'd love to have some crittall doors so that the two rooms can be shut off if needed. That is a slightly more expensive dream though, so having bespoke wooden doors made with thin frames and painted in a nice dark off black could create a similar look.

The kitchen was also getting pretty knocked about, with the wonky ceiling coming down to hide the pipes and wiring. At one point I did consider opening it all up and leaving it the the full height.. but the budget said no!

Upstairs I had focused my attention on the laundry cupboard on the landing which was in a pretty poor stater with years worth of wallpaper and paint layered up inside. I thought the space could be better used with an chest of drawers or a small console table with a lamp. Or even a table big enough to use a laptop on. Anyway I decided to get stuck in, and after removing a few of the shelves it became apparent that the cupboard must have been original and built at the same time the house was and most of the structural elements were built into the wall. So yet again I was faced with another financial surprise as I managed to create quite a bit of damage which needed repairing.

I didn't regret doing it though as it really opened up the space.

The bedrooms were a bit of a state too with walls striped for skimming and floorboards up for the wiring. Not the most inviting of spaces...


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