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Out and about: Bourton on the Water

This time last week I was enjoying a much needed break in the Cotswolds. There was so much to explore each day felt like two days in one. The first day I started off with lunch at The Wheatsheath Inn. Once we had fully stuffed ourselves we took a short drive to Bourton on the Water, also know as 'The Venice of the Cotswolds' because of its pretty little river running through the village.

This was one popular village, I couldn't believe how busy it was, summer it must be packed! Spring was a lovely time visit with the blossom and the daffodils flowering, this was a proper 'chocolate box' village.

I LOVED this door, very Plain English!

A spot of tea by the river

Spring was in the air! Although my photos look quite grey it was a pleasantly warm and bright day!

Burton on the Water model village


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