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Exploring: Little Venice

Time to stretch my legs after spending 3 days straight horizontal!

First stop The Summerhouse for lunch...

The interior had a coastal seaside feel with white washed wood, white and blue with nautical touches.

We had a great seat over looking the canal but the rain cover had been pulled down for winter so unfortunately I couldn't take a photo s here is another interior shot instead! I'll be back in the Summer though to experience the restaurant in the sun with the windows open.

Even the menu had a drift wood look.

As The Summerhouse is predominantly a fish restaurant I thought I'd team my meal with a chilled glass of Reisling.

After having so much turkey, ham, pigs in blankets and generally anything else I could get my hands on a nice light dish was exactly what the doctor ordered. I chose the roasted cod, artichoke and oregano mash and it was delicious! I even liked the mushrooms and I hate mushrooms!

I still had a dessert as completely weening off sweet things may have been a shock to the system. Bailey's cheese cake with Bailey's ice-cream, simple looking but also very tasty!

The rather unique sink!

After eating by the canal we strolled alongside it.

Pigeons sunbathing on the bridge.

Beautiful blue boat with brass windows.

There are some stunning houses around!


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