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HELLO 2020!

Welcome 2020! I'll be welcoming a new year with open arms, 2019 was a funny old year with a more positive end which I am looking forward to taking forward to 2020. With lots of ideas floating around in my head I'll be hoping to bring to life, especially with my Interior Design Business, Owl Design.

With lots going on last year the blog ended up taking a bit of a back seat + my enthusiasm for instagram dramatically dropped to the point it started becoming a bit of a chore! But I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things again + focusing back on the blog, getting back out + about again a loving life!

I launched the online shop as a bit of a hobby originally as I always loved the idea of having one. I'll be focusing on selling sustainable products I love + use whilst designing some of my own unique items.

On the blog I'll also start celebrating some of the other wonderful small businesses out there. Whilst researching for project inspiration I often find myself down a rabbit hole discovering many different amazing brands + companies from fashion, to toys + cleaning products whose ethos, design + style I really admire. So as a new branch to my blog in 2020, in addition to my 'Top Shops' I'll be sharing all the brands I love, small business + online shops I think have something great to offer.

I'll also be sharing more of my own home. After renovating it 4years ago to rent I am now back living in it and have lot's of ideas I want to put it to play slowly as I go, so watch this space!

Victorian living room

Last but not least I'll be focusing on enjoying myself + doing thinks which make me happy!


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