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I really agree with the ethos of creating a well organised, thoughtfully curated home where everything has it's place. As William Morris once stated in his rather famous quote:

'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.'

When you start taking an interest in all the details of everyday home life you can filter out what is + isn't important. By clearing out the clutter you are left with items which you just love to look at, or help you with your everyday life.

The new H&M home campaign is encouraging us to do just that by organising our homes to optimise our spaces. Although their range focuses on using natural colours, I think you can still add pops of colour + create a peaceful home which reflects you + your style.

We will be seeing a lot more Beige, Brown + Neutral tones in 2020 as we become more sustainably aware + start using natural materials such as wool, wood + stone more often.

Colour + Texture

To create a balanced + harmonious scheme colour is key. Generally I would start off with three key colours + introduce two more for added interest. You can use colour to either highlight features or make them disappear, for example I have painted my drinks cabinets the same colour as my walls to make them disappear, but them painted the insides a bold blue.  

The new H&M range has used earthy tones which all work well together + create a unified look. The overall feel is relaxed and inviting so adding details such as raw endings, fringes + tassels give that natural evolving feel.

Give everything a place

By giving everyday objects their own space not only does it make you value them, it makes you choose items you buy carefully + saves you time when looking for items + tidying up. If it's easy to put something back after using it you'll find yourself being able to keep on top of things as you go about your daily business!

Using boxes and baskets not only look good but are a great way to compartmentalise objects, I love a basket!

My Favourites

3. Rattan Basket : £34.99

4. Wall sconce (Coming soon!): £8.99

6. Large Ceramic Vase : £24.99

7. Large Ceramic Vase : £19.99

10. Ceramic Candlestick : £12.99


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