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Wedding season is almost over for me but I had the pleasure of watching a close friend of mine get married in the stunning Chateau Soulac last weekend. Again I fell in love with the old French architecture and lovely sandy tones of the stone they used to build with. Chateau Soulac didn't disappoint either. Compared the the last Chateau, Chateau Rigaud, it had a lightly more modern feel and I definitely got kitchen envy (photos below). The juxtaposition of the polished cement against the old stone fireplace was just perfect!

This time we stayed in an Air BnB, Rocanguille cottage, which was a much cheaper option then before but just as good! I'd would have loved to have got my hands in the interior and given it a make over as it has so much potential! But the setting was perfect amongst the vin-yards with it's own cows and chickens. I believe the vin-yards on the land (owned by the mayor) produce 4% of the wine made in France! Of course we tried and few bottles and it didn't disappoint.

Rocanguille cottage

Chateau Soulac

The dream kitchen!


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