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I always find visiting stately homes so inspiring, the craftsmanship is pretty incredible. The amount of detail +attention that went into making things, from the ornate plaster mouldings, to the weave in the curtains. Contradicting this I'm also a big fan of the workers areas and places kept out of sight. These areas also have their own charm + are so simple compared to the grand houses. I think I'm drawn to the muted colours and natural beauty in many of the materials used. My favourite area of a stately home I've been too so far is the diary at Audley End House, I would happily have the diary as my kitchen now, its design is pretty timeless.

I've been visiting Wimpole Hall for years + have many lovely memories of picnicking here since a child but haven't been into the house for as long as I can remember! I thought that it was about time I had a little tour...

The House

The Gardens

Even though I have been visiting for years I didn't even know this walled garden existed!

I just love this floor!


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