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It's Easter weekend which has meant I've managed to squeeze in a little break in from a rather manic month! Unfortunately I've still needed to work two days of if, so as a result have had to squeeze in as much as I could for the other two days. I kicked off Good Friday with a trip to Wanstead High street as it's the nearest one to me which actually has nice independent shops. Part of my new years resolution was to shop as independently as possible so it only seemed right that I should head to the fish mongers, Wanstead Fish, for the delicious scallops for our Scallop Linguini dinner before heading down the rest of the high street for the rest of the ingredients.

Wanstead Fish

Gails Bakery - We couldn't resist a few of these sticky hot-cross buns.

Harveys Greengrocers

Fresh eggs from my friend - such lovely colours!

Not blowing my own trumpet but the breakfast rustled up from all the independent shop produce was one of the best! I think I might have to start making a habit of it. I used sourdough from Gail's Bakery, Old Spot sausages from The Ginger Pig, Halloumi cheese and tomatoes from Harveys Greengrocer, and fresh eggs from my friend.


After tucking into a tasty breakfast I headed off to Hastings for a little day trip, as the last time I visited I ran out of time to do much! I visited a few of my favourite shops that I have been to before and discovered a few new ones!

I missed this room last time at A G Hendy & Co.

Another lovely set up in Object d’epoch!

The fist new shop I went to was the lovely reste. reste is a purveyor of artisanal and handcrafted household products and accessories from around the world. I could have bought everything in this little shop but I did show some constraint and just left with a lovely wooden face brush and a relaxing linen eye pillow (which I enjoyed using heated up on my neck).

If I could still ride a bike I would definitely be buying all my gear from Bells Bicycles.The bikes, the clothes, the shop... everything was super stylish! The kids bikes were so cute too!

Next stop opposite reste and Bells Bicycles was the rather intriguing Butlers Famed Emporium. Butlers is a shop in a beautiful building in the heart of Hastings Old Town, dating from about 1832. The ceilings are tall and the shop is virtually intact, with lots of old furniture and cabinets to display our wares.

Last on my list of shops to visit is Warp & Weft, the unique shop offering bespoke clothing.




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