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Victorian Terrace Renovation: Week 11+ 12

Week 11 And most of the week was spent waiting for the floor to dry! Downstairs the bare floorboards got three coats of clear varnish. I wanted to get this done quickly so that the skirting could be put on. Having the floorboards sealed made such a difference though and made everywhere seem so much clearer and dust free. Which was lovely as it was the dust of the past few weeks which were driving me mad!

Upstairs I had finished the finalcoats and the carpenters had started on the architrave and floorboards. After they left each day that gave me time to do the undercoat on the stairs ready for the top coat.

Week 12 By the end of the week all the skirting and architrave had been fitted and the rooms were almost there! Just a few extra coats of paint and filling all the gaps behind the skirting from the wonky walls and the rooms were done!

I chose the higher Victorian skirting board from Skirting Express. It's worth paying a title extra for the higher one as it makes such a difference. I think the higher skirting board gives the room a more expensive, elegant feel. I used the square edge in the kitchen, and the matching architrave for the doors.

Victorian Skirting by Skirting Express



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