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Victorian Terrace Renovation: Week 10

Week 10 And I could finally start clearing everything out, ready to think about restoring the original floorboards. The plasterer hadn't protected the floor very well so I had a lot of scraping of hardened blobs of plaster everywhere and LOTS of mopping. I did get a few quotes to have the floor sanded by someone else, but the money pot was nearly empty by now so I thought I'd head down to HSS hire and do it myself (with help from mum!).

It was very dusty work, my newly painted walls looked orange after we were done. All the hard work did pay off in the end though as floorboards came out very well if I say so myself! I used a clear varnish to finish them off but after visiting one of the homes in Open House I discovered they used Osmo Oil which also had a very nice finish and would would consider using in the future. In hindsight I would contemplate using a professional. For a recent project I did we had the floors sanded back by a professional, Langley Floor Sanding, and it looked like a new floor with not an once of dust anywhere in the process!

I decided to paint the upstairs floorboards as they weren't in quite as good condition as downstairs. It also made the lump of concrete, left from the chimney breasts which would have been there, less obvious. I needed quite a few coats as there we some stains which just refused to stop coming through, I'm not quite sure what was causing it but they eventually stopped. Once the floors were done I was ready and waiting for the skirting to be fitted.

My new skirting being propped up ready for install.



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