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The Architects and owners of this East London house had lived in it for around about 12 years before deciding to completely re-design the space. With 2 teenage children they wanted to create a home which would give each of them their own space (and bathroom). They wanted to create a contemporary home, unbounded by the constraints of the Victorian semi-detached house which it occupies, whilst retaining the construction and character of the original structure.

The house has been extended downwards with a generous basement, and at ground floor level with a rear side infill extension. Both extensions have been designed to be not visible from the street in order to protect the character of the Conservation Area.

The extended home remains a three bedroom house but with additional bathrooms, utility room, plant room, store and services risers. The emphasis of the design is placed on improved layout, room sizes and comfort, sympathetic to contemporary lifestyles and capable of catering for evolving family life.


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