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London Design Festival: STACtile at Pentagon tile showroom.

The second stop on the blog tour was the meet the architect who designed the STACtile. The talk was held in the wonderful Pentagon Tile showroom in Leather Lane, designed by Simon Astride.

On display they had the stacked tile in various finishes, as well as a tasty vodka jelly version! The tiles come in different finishes, sandstone, cork, cement, marble, wood. This award winning cladding product designed to be flexible and have many different configurations, meaning that the likelihood of them looking the same in every project is reduced. The outside feature wall shows one of the possible configurations and I love it!

After hearing about the thought process behind the tile I got to make my very own! Each of the tiles are handmade so I made mine using the same process. I had a selection of dyes to choose from, yellow, red, green, black and white. I chose to crest a dual colour tile by creating a yellow cement and a pink cement. In two weeks time hopefully I get to see the results!

The Vodka jelly

The Cork version of the STACtile

The different finishes

The tile moulds being prepped.

Everyones coloured tiles.

I can't wait to see my finished tiles! Mine are the Pink and Yellow ones in the middle.


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