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The previous owners of my Victorian terrace decided to move the original position of the door forward and so lose the porch space and in doing so changed the original rectangular glass fan light with a semi circular textured obscure glass one. Which of course I don't like! In the future I'd like have a talented sign writer paint me a bespoke gold leaf house number.

First I had a local glass supplier replace the existing patterned glass with a nice crisp clear glass which looked ten times better on it's own!

A few houses down the road have been nicely done up and have updated their doors with what looks like Transome Stickers which are a good inexpensive option I decided to go with until I deice on a bespoke design.

These stickers are available on The Fanlight number Company starting from £25 per number. They also come in two other styles, a plain black outline and solid gold, or silver and white if you aren't a gold fan!

I chose the shadow style and here are the final results...

I've decided for a bespoke design I would like 'No.' to be included as well as the actual numbers like below.

I love the traditional styles too but equally if not more and drawn to more modern fonts I've seen on shops fronts and retail branding, I am a sucker for nice branding but I have to be careful not to get too drawn in!

I like the idea of having pattern included into the numbers and letters, but until I go ahead I'll just keep thinking of ideas.


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