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Victorian Terrace Renovation: Week 9

Week 9 The kitchen is coming along nicely now with most of the cupboards and appliances fitted and tiling done. Even the wall shelves were going up which was a sign that the end was near! Apart for one set back, I came in one day to find that the troublesome corner had leaked again and soaked the new plaster. I had just had the roof replaced so was rather worried. They checked the roof again and it turns out that there was a gap in the old coping stone on the wall so that was filled in and the problem appeared to have been solved...

The tilers had made their way round most of the tiling jobs with just the front of the bath left. Throughout the rest of the house the wiring was being completed and lights fitted. I was STILL layering on the white paint everywhere.

Kitchen coming together

The damaged from the leaky roof!

Lights going in.

The hallway tiles were sealed and finished and looking lovely if I say so myself! I had also undercoated the front door as we were originally going to just paint as a temporary solution but then I just decided to take out and replace straight away.

The bathroom tiling was almost complete.

The central heating pipes had been moved and concealed in a corner box.

Upstairs the painting was pretty much done and i was ready to get sanding the floors and have the architrave and skirting installed, but at least things were looking much cleaner and brighter!

I did spray the 1970's banisters, but then stopped as I was planning on renting the house for a little while and they would not have passed building control as the were spaced so far apart

The front door was looking brighter with the undercoat, but it's days were numbered as I had decided that I would change that too to a nice original looking door. So now I just had to decide on a colour....


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