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Out and about: Caravaca, La Ciudad de la Cruz

This time last week I was pottering around the lovely told town of Caravaca de La Cruz, which is considered to be one of the five holy cities in the world.

Caravaca de la Cruz is a town located on the border of Murcia and Granada. The 15th century Castle, which was commissioned by the Knights Templar is the main attraction, along with the holy double cross. Legend has it that in 1232 the Moorish King Abu Zeid was converted to Christianity when he saw how two angels brought a cross down from heaven to a priest held prisoner in the castle in order for him to give mass. This legend led to the construction, as from 1617 and on the site of the fortress itself, of the main monument of this town in the north-east of Murcia, the Chapel of La Vera Cruz.

Exploring the fort walls

The most important feature of this building is its luxurious façade, made from red marble excavated in Cehegín and which offers a complete exaltation to the Holy Cross.

It was one super hot day, so some cool bottles of sparkling water were much needed!

I love the use of stone, the colour and texture and this old stone wall against the blue sky and modern geometric railings just looked perfect.

A statue of the famous double cross, unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos of the actual cross, which was much smaller then i expected but still stunning with it's intricate detailing.

I fell in love with this door, the colour, the studs and of course the stone surround.I think I need to plan moving to a bigger house to accommodate doors like these!


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