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My monthly wish list: On the high street

Due to the fact that I spend most of my days looking on Pinterest and browsing online looking for new and exciting home accessories and furniture, I naturally come across so many things I want! Sometimes it's hard having to always resist buying everything, as I don't have an unlimited supply of space, money or need for half the things I fall in love with! I've decided to share some of my favourite products I have come across, just in case you too fall in love and can give some of them a new home. Happy shopping!

Sphere + Stem Floor Lamp | West Elm | £299

Set of 2 Kupigwa Guest Towels | La Redoute | £15

ELOUAN Side Table | La Redoute | £135

Ancestral Rose Scented candle | Simone Oliva | £26

Embroidered cushion cover | H&M Home | £19.99

Castello Chest Of Drawers | Swoon Editions | £499

LED Neon Sign | Love INC (Not On The High Street) | £499

Ico Parisi Style Sofa | Vinterior | £5,300


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