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Top Shops: Oka in Broadway

I've always loved the thought of having an interiors shop in a house or old building with individual rooms, as it's the perfect way to get inspiration for your home if you struggle to imagine spaces. Showrooms and mini room-sets are great, but I don't think you can beat seeing a designed room/house in real life, a reason I think visiting Open House is so useful too.

If I were to have my dream shop the house would have to be a Georgian townhouse or double bay fronted Victorian one, something with a bit of history! On a recent trip to the Cotswolds I found that Oka had done just that and I got serious shop envy/ love. The building is just stunning and I had just as much fun snooping about, as I did looking at the actual stock.

Just look at the facade!

The impressive hallway.

The views were just stunning, even if they didn't have anything to do with the furniture it certainly made the room an aspirational one.


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