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My Faves: Make-up


What they say...

"Simple’s Hydrating cleansing oil is made with pure grape-seed oil and enriched with vitamin A & E. The formulation helps to dissolve impurities, removing make up, leaving your skin clean and instantly hydrated. When rinsed with water our Cleansing oil is transformed into a milky texture so it won’t leave your skin dry or greasy, just clean and fresh. "

What I say...

I love it! it's the easiest quickest cleanser to use and gets rid of mascara and lipstick without having to do any scrubbing, which must be a good thing!


Glow Tonic by Pixi

What they say...

"Glow tonic with ginseng & fructose. Helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. Removes dead skin cells for healthier looking skin. Alcohol free. Use after cleanser on cotton pad. Key ingredients: aloe vera, ginseng and glycolic acid-5%. Suitable for all skin types."

What I say...

I was excited about using this product but unfortunately it doesn't really agree with my skin. I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence but I seemed to get more blemishes and immediately after it made my skin go red which took a while to calm down so maybe it was working a little too well! As a result I shall have to find an alternative.


Glow Mist by Pixi

What they say...

"Gives a glowing, luminous & smooth complexion. Enriched with 13 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts.

Before makeup: hydrates, protects & nourishes. After makeup: sets makeup, adds a dewy finish and protects skin. Anytime: refreshes makeup, hydrates and adds glow."

What I say...

This does give a dewy glow and I think would be more of a product I'd use on holiday with a tan so I'll hold out using it till then.

High Performance Vitamin C Facial Serum by Anothny

What they say...

"Our lightweight Vitamin C treatment help corrects discoloration, retexturize, and brighten skintone by increasing the natural production of collagen, eliminating frees radicals, and protecting the skin against premature aging.

Stabilized Vitamin C – Helps skin to appear smoother, brighter and firmer Polypeptides – Retexturize skin Cucumber extract – Reduces puffiness and soothes skin Licorice extract – Helps to even out skin tone"

What I say...

My skin does appear firmer, and at it has a nice texture to apply but I find when it dries a ltad sticky and my skin felt a little dry after so out of the two serums (the one below) I will be sticking with the Antipodes.

What they say...

"Antipodes Organic Divine Face Oil is light and non-greasy, keeping your skin soft and hydrated. With its entrancing fragrance of ylang ylang, sweet orange and jasmine your skin will be radiant with good health and feel divine. It's the ultimate boost for stressed skin! Ylang ylang regulates and balances skin texture, while essential fatty acids like Omega 9 keep skin strong and hydrated. The high chlorophyll content of emerald green avocado oil is nature's own special antioxidant.


- Helps to reduce the appearance of lines, age spots and scars

- Gives a lift to tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin

- Natural extract of fragrant jasmine and sweet orange

- Leaves skin nourished, fresh and healthy looking

Key Ingredients

- Avocado oil provides moisturising nutrients to the skin

- Rosehip oil moisturises, conditions and helps repair parched and damaged skin

Skin Types

For all skin types, in particular normal to dry skin."

What I say...

I've been using this as night-time nourishment and I love the texture, I must have a thing about oils as the oil based make-u remover was also a favourite. It doesn't agitate my skin at all and feels a treat to use. My skin is looking slightly firmer too.

What they say...

Antipodes Joyous Night Replenish Serum restores natural collagen and delivers natural radiance. With Himalayan goji delivers up to 19 amino acids to replenish protein at a cellular level. Red raspberry seed oil blends with New Zealand blackcurrant, a rich source of essential fats like gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Hibiscus flower and kiwi oil freshens your complexion, while berry fragrance imparts pure joy.


- Restores natural collagen, nourishes and protects overnight

- Helps to rescue dry and damaged skin

- Natural extracts of fragrant wild blackcurrant

- Leaves skin naturally radiant and revitalised

Key Ingredients

- Goji berry helps replenish proteins with its inherent amino acids

- Wild blackcurrant absorbs and neutralises free radicals and therefore helps to purify the skin

- Hibiscus flower brightens, freshens, clarifies and plumps your complexion

Skin Types

For all skin types in particular damaged or dry skin.

What is say...

I am yet to use this, but I'm assuming it's as good as the other one so I'm looking forward to giving my skin a night time treat.

Self Tan Classic Bronzing Face Lotion 50ml

What they say...

Our most iconic, natural and healthy looking tan.

Quick-drying, non greasy and non-pore blocking

Added hydration for radiant glow

Lightweight, streak-free and easy to apply

No self tan smell, with our new mood-boosting fragrance

Apply using hands and wash after use

What I say... I was rather disappointed with this product as although my face is looking at it's palest when wearing this I noticed absolutely no change in colour and I found it dried my skin out too. So from now on I'll be sticking to normal fake tan.

Kiehl's - Clearly Corrective™ Dark Circle Perfector SPF 30

What they say...

Clearly Corrective™ Dark Circle Perfector SPF 30. Brightens Under Eye Circles, Corrects with Sheer Coverage, Protects with SPF 30. Under-eye treatment improves the appearance of dark circlesInstantly brightens under-eye darkness with sheer coverageActivated C and Licorice Root Extract work to correct under eye darkness. With 100% mineral filters to protect delicate eye area from UV damageParaben-free.

What I say...

I originally bought this as I wanted an eye cream with SPF factor in but a didn't actually realise it was actually a tinted cream too. Which is great as I find I don't always need to use concealer.


What they say...

What I say... When I do need a little extra help hiding the circles then I find this Laura Mercier concealer is the best. It matches my skin perfectly and gives good coverage.

What they say...

Iconic Laguna—now a breakthrough bronzing fluid. Sheer and ultra-versatile, this weightless innovation contours, bronzes, and blends effortlessly. Create any effect under the sun by wearing bare or mixing with makeup for an allover, healthy-looking glow.

What I say...

This is one of my favourite products it give a great natural looking glow when used alone, in the summer I find I don't have to use any other make-up on my skin. You can also blend with foundation if you need a slightly darker tone. All in all I'd say their description is spot on!

What they say...

'Embellish your eye lashes with our best-selling, ultra volumizing mascara. Lashes will instantly appear dramatically fuller, thicker, and longer. Rich in mineral salts, Red Seaweed Extract helps define lashes while vegetal poylmers promote an effortless application.

Super-volumizing formula

Full bristle amplifying brush

Red seaweed extract helps define lashes

Special combination of natural waxes dramatically enhance the appearance of lash thickness and fullness

Water-resistant '

What I say...

I noticed my eyelashes where getting ever so slightly thicker, at first I thought maybe the new serums I was using and thought they might have something to do with it. Then I realised I had been using a sample of the Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara and after reading a few reviews came to the conclusion that it must have been the mascara. I wouldn't ordinarily spend as much on a mascara but it's by far the best one I've ever used so I've made and exception and bought the full sized product.

Radiance Primer with SPF 35 by NARS

As Spring is around the corner, and I'm hoping some sun with it too I ordered some Radiance Primer with SPF 35 by NARS. I've not yet tried it out but it gives a lovely iridescent glow on the back of my hand and smells lovely so fingers crossed it's as good as I hope it is!

So there it is, a round up of products I've been using the past couple of months, some a waste of money, some that don't agree with be and some I'll never give up!


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