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Top Shops: Monologue

Monologue is an Interiors shop in Shoreditch, I could literally buy EVERYTHING in this shop! Unfortunately as that isn't possible so a trip just to get inspiration will have to do, although I didn't leave empty handed. I suggest you pay them a visit ASAP if you are planning on making your home that bit more glamorous!

This would look fab in a hallway.

I love a bit of stationary and Monologue had a great selection.

Some of the books that ended up coming home with me.

What a striking vase!

These vases are VERY on trend (read more on 2017 trends here).

I still love these vases even though they have been around for a little while now...

Green is another key colour this year.

Pineapples are out and the Cactus is in! (so I hear...).

Dark Grey/Blue has to be my favourite colour when it comes to velvet, this chair is spot on!

This table was my favourite piece in the shop, it's like a work of art.

Terracotta is another colour a texture you will be seeing a lot more of this year.

Along with cork. this cork chair is pretty fun!


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