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In the garden: Save the Bees!

As you may know one of my New Years resolutions was too play a little part in helping the Bees, butterflies and insects in the garden. I was inspired by a post by the seed ball company and wasted no time in ordering my seeds to plant. I'm pleased to say they have now arrived! Unfortunately I'll have to wait till spring before I get planting but I'm planning on planting some in a pot as well as scattering the rest which gives me time to choose a suitable planter.

I chose one tin for butterflies, one with a meadow mix and two for the bees.

The butterfly collection has a mix of the following flowers:

Purple Loosestrife



Musk Mallow

Red Campion

The meadow mix contains the following flowers:


Red Campion

Musk Mallow


Oxeye Daisy

Meadow Cranesball

Yellow Toadflax

The bee mix contains and mix of the following flowers:

Birdsfoot Trefoil

Wild Marjoram


Red Clover


The seed balls coated in clay to protect them.

Soon the garden will hopefully be full of flowers, I'll let you know how they turn out in a few months!


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