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Out and about: Southend Pier

I've been to Southend many times, especially as a child with fond memories of trips to Never Never Land, which has been shut now for many years. I've never actually been along the pier so, as the sun had come out and rain kept at bay we decided to have a wonder. Watching the still tide slowly come in was incredibly peaceful. I was armed with my camera and took a few snaps along the way, although the ones of the sky reflecting on the water don't do the reality justice!

Let the walk begin!

The never ending pier...

At every set of benches they had a mini photography exhibition.

A spot of posing by one of the photos.

The stunning view of the sky reflecting on the water.

The cafe at the end of the pier.

I LOVED these bright painted beach huts/ sheds at the start of the pier, each one had different information about the pier and Southend seafront.

Some more vibrant colour to brighten the day!

I cannot understand why these stunning houses right on the seat front were boarded up?! I would buy them in a jiffy if I had the money! They would be an amazing project.

Miami vibes


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