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New years, new goals

2016 has been not the best year so I'm bringing 2017 forward a little! Every year I always set a new years resolution, after a Christmas or relaxing and hibernating I always feel a new lease of energy ready to start the new year with a bang!

Running a business can mean working late nights and weekends and it's easy to let work start taking over. I'm used to setting goals as targets and I think it's the best way to start achieving things. So this year my resolution to get out and see and experience more new things, armed with my brand new camera. Part of my resolution is to start a blog of what I get up to, my thoughts and hopefully show off my improved photography skills!

I've obviously been good this year as I finally got an Olympus Pen camera. Starting the blog goes hand in hand with taking good photos so I need a good camera to take better photos. I have managed to get to grips with the basics but it think I have still have a long way to go. I took the photos below with my new camera...

I also invested in a book 'The Million Dollar Blog' which I'm very much enjoying reading! It's great to hear what other successful bloggers have to say.

A new year means new stationary or course, I love my personalised note pad from Papier.

My lovely new fountain pen, from Quill, teams perfectly with pink ink.


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