Crafty: Christmas wreath making

So we are only 5 days away from Christmas Day! Which only means it's time to make a wreath, without risking it looking dead on the day! I popped to Crews Hill garden centres on the weekend to find some extra flowers and foliage for my wreath. Turns out they don't have the greatest selection of cut flowers, but they had what I needed so I was happy. If you are in the market for a cheap Christmas trees Springtime nursery had them for only £15! Cheapest I've seen around.

My garden centre finds. They had Eucalyptus which was the main bunch I was after.

I love the silvery green and of course the smell of eucalyptus.

For my Holly, Ivy and Conifer I just headed to the garden with my secateurs and got snipping!

To add some colour to my wreath I added dried oranges. I did dry some lemons and lime with them but I think my technique needs a little work as they both lost their colour.

After the prep work was done I started by padding out my wire wreath with the conifer as the twigs were bendy enough to make a good base.

I continued doing this till it was nice a full looking.

Then I started weaving in the flowers, ivy and eucalyptus. The berries, carnations and dried oranges were the final touches and were added on last.

Et Volia! The wreath is completed... not bad for my first attempt if I say so myself!


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