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Top Shops: Bert and May

As part of my 'Splendid online diary' I'll be sharing some of my favourite brands and shops and first up is Bert and May.

Ever since I saw Bert and May's barge at Clerkenwell Design week a few years ago it's been love at first sight! I love their colour palette, patterns and raw materials they use, the textures are spot on.

The Barge at Clerkenwell Design Week

The bathroom on the Barge

Not only do they dec out barges but they also now sell pre-fab spaces also known as Bert's Boxes with the option of spacing out the interior in all of Bert & May's products.

"Designed in collaboration with award-winning architects Box9, Bert’s Boxes combine functionality with aesthetics, creating innovative and stylish modular living spaces that are thoughtfully designed with eco credentials. Pre fab no longer signifies compromise on any level." - Bert and May

I first found out about their 'Bert's Boxes' was when I stumbled across one under construction, at The Pig Hotel in the New Forest. I might have to add staying a night in it to my list. Failing that win the lottery buy some land and buy my own box!

The box being constructed last October at The Pig Hotel.

Sneak peek of the interior of the box.

But back to reality I thought I'd share some snaps of their East end shop (they also have a new one just opened in West London).

Bert & May are probably most well known for their beautiful handmade encaustic tiles.

Love a herringbone pattern.

This floor is my absolute favourite!

They offer both new and reclaimed wooden flooring in various stunning shades.

As you've probably guessed I'm a big fan of brass and this shower taps solid industrial feel gives it full marks in my books.

Stunning reclaimed marble sink..I just want it all!

The matching shower head...swoon!

This copper clad kitchen is exactly what I'd want...or in brass maybe. It just gets better with age.

A model of the Bert's Box.

At Decorex this year they launched their new fabric range and i'm considering using this Navy Alalpardo Fabric to upholster my new eBay chair once it arrives!

They also have a range of plain fabrics, this yellow being my fave.

They have also branched out in to paint with a stunning dusky range of colours.

This shade Orange Blossom is super pretty!

Rude kids giving a warm welcome outside the shop!


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