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Out and About: Sushi Samba

I've not been back to Sushi Samba since it opened back in 2012, I loved the decor and food then so thought it was about time I re-visited! I got there for when it opened, at 11:30 as I was heading to Dennis Severs" house after (the second half of our Owl Design Christmas party). Initially it seemed pretty early but it meant we were the first ones there with the best seat! It filled up pretty quickly with 'suits' on their lunch meetings so we never felt like lemons sitting alone.

Our prime seat!

Our view....shame about the grey day.

The interior looking more festive then usual!

I think the bamboo ceiling is so simple but striking. Handy for hanging the decorations too!

Tan, Black and White are a match made in heaven! The buckle detail on the chairs looks fab too.

When it came to the food we ordered as we went along, which is the best way to make sure you are full but don't over order. To start we had EDAMAME soybean, volcanic salt, lime £5 and GREEN BEAN TEMPURA black truffle aioli £7, pictured above, which are my absolute FAVE!

We then had SALT AND PEPPER SQUID dry miso, shichimi, sea salt, crispy garlic, smoked soy £13 followed by...

SAMBA LONDON crab, tuna, salmon, white fish, prawn, avocado, tempura crunch, rice cracker, Japanese pickles, wasabi mayo, aji panca, soy reduction £16 (photo above). We also had a portion of CALIFORNIA MAKI £11 to wrap up our early lunch but that got eaten before any photographic evidence could be taken! I could have eaten pretty much everything on the menu, so I think i'll have to make it my new mission to eat my way through the whole nemu.

This playful wall mural adds to the vibrancy of the restaurant's unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine.

I'm now hungry and ready to re-visit after writing that!




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