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Stoke Newington: Independent ceramics market

Since school I've always loved ceramics. There is something about the texture, glaze and form of a handcrafted piece that just make them such beautiful creations (most of the time!).

Last weekend I popped along to the independent ceramics market to see what the local ceramists had to offer. The market showcases over 60 innovative ceramicists, and DIY potters, the ceramic market provides a unique opportunity to see a diverse range of ceramic artwork. Original ceramics for sale included lamps, tableware, vases, pots, sculptures, jewellery, and unique pieces.

Independent Ceramics Market is the ideal location for discovering a new wave of early career, and some more established ceramic artist. I have been inspired and i 2017 will look into having ago myself after 15years!

Below is a selection of some of my favourite pieces.

I could take photos of everything but you can find the other exhibitors below: (amazing atrocities)


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