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Sunday brunching: Jones & Son

So only this year I discovered that I actually no longer hate the taste of yolk! After accidentally ordering a Greek breakfast platter with a fried egg on it I thought why not, and gave it a taste! To my surprise it wasn't as horrible as I remembered. I even started eating poached eggs at home but eggs Royale has still been on my list of things to try. So today was the day I finally went out and ordered one and I was not disappointed!

Jones and Son was the restaurant of choice (also a first time visit). It may not look much from the outside but I was pleasantly surprised by the interior.

Vintage and industrial vibes came together with super comfy banquettes and retro shelving units diving the space a creating. Pay nooks.

I chose the 'Off the wagon' menu as it's Sunday and I thought I'd treat myself to two hours of unlimited Bloody Mary, Bucks Fizz or Prossecco and unlimited food.

As it was 11am I thought I'd go easy and have the Bucks Fizz to get things started...

The Full English was delicious too with the best sausage!

My yummy Eggs Royale!

Ready to tuck in...

I didn't actually know the food was unlimited until our lovely waiter cleared our plates and said! I thought I was full enough but still managed to make space for waffles and icecream... obviously!!

I would definitely recommend Jones & Son, lovely food, waiters and atmosphere and good value! I'll be back soon to try their delicious looking Sunday roast!


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