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Spotted: House of Hackney sample sale

It's been a cold Sunday morning but the though of discovering some bargains made getting up whilst it was still dark a little easier!

I didn't buy anything this time as I'm practicing having some self control! They did have some lovely bits of furniture including the Palmeral deckchair which I seem to want every time but someone else had got there first (as usual).

I can see me sitting in this next summer 😎

This chair would look fab in a conservatory!

I just love these bentwood cocktail chairs and for £300 this is a steal! I recently had one upholstered for an Owl Design office project and didn't want to give it away!

Now I think this is a little loud for my home but it was so striking I just had to take a photo!

Stripes and Leopard print are always a winner in my books.

I did get slightly distracted by the lovely wooden cladded walls and kitchen which made the perfect backdrop for the sale. The sale was hosted in the Kent and London bespoke kitchen showroom.



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