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Well this bank holiday has turned out to be pretty miserable + cold, so to make the best of it I have decided that is the perfect time to get some spring cleaning done.

I am trying to become more eco-friendly in my everyday life. In my quest to use less plastics + chemicals I have switched to using natural cleaning brushes, re-usable cloths + eco-friendly cleaning products.

My next step in my 'eco-friendly cleaning quest' is to learn to make my own cleaning products properly. I currently have The Art of Natural Cleaning: Tips and techniques for a chemical-free, sparkling home on order from Amazon so hopefully it's good (I'll keep you posted!)

The first time I tried to make a vinegar cleaning spray, from an online recipe it didn't go too well, mainly as I think I used the wrong vinegar! I'd advise you only use white vinegar. I have since bought a White Vinegar for cleaning + discovered that putting 1/4 white vinegar in the washing machine does wonders for softening and brightening white towels!

To keep my utility cupboard neat + organised I purchased some glass bottles which I can fill using re-fill/ bulk cleaning products which reduces the plastic waste. It also just looks so much nicer then rows of coloured cleaning products. I then just use a label printer so I know what is what.

I buy my containers from Ampulla and the label maker is a Dymo embosser. Below I have also listed a few of the plastic free cleaning products now in stock!

Stock up your cupboard from the

Tall storage cupboard

Next in-line of my house improvements is turning the ugly redundant space under the stairs into a lovely bright, larger organised utility cupboard. The ones below are really inspiring where everything has a place, from the broom, hoover to the cleaning products.

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Mari Eriksson of An Angel at My Table

Image via: Pinterest


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