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Well this bank holiday has turned out to be pretty miserable + cold, so to make the best of it I have decided that is the perfect time to get some spring cleaning done.

I am trying to become more eco-friendly in my everyday life. In my quest to use less plastics + chemicals I have switched to using natural cleaning brushes, re-usable cloths + eco-friendly cleaning products.

My next step in my 'eco-friendly cleaning quest' is to learn to make my own cleaning products properly. I currently have The Art of Natural Cleaning: Tips and techniques for a chemical-free, sparkling home on order from Amazon so hopefully it's good (I'll keep you posted!)

The first time I tried to make a vinegar cleaning spray, from an online recipe it didn't go too well, mainly as I think I used the wrong vinegar! I'd advise you only use white vinegar. I have since bought a White Vinegar for cleaning + discovered that putting 1/4 white vinegar in the washing machine does wonders for softening and brightening white towels!

To keep my utility cupboard neat + organised I purchased some glass bottles which I can fill using re-fill/ bulk cleaning products which reduces the plastic waste. It also just looks so much nicer then rows of coloured cleaning products. I then just use a label printer so I know what is what.

I buy my containers from Ampulla and the label maker is a Dymo embosser. Below I have also listed a few of the plastic free cleaning products now in stock!

Stock up your cupboard from the

Simone Olivia Shop

01. Copper pot scrubbers 2 pack

02. Wooden Pointed Corner Brush

03. Wooden Hard Dish Brush

04. Brass wire hob/bbq brush with round handle

05. Wooden Scrubbing Brush

06. ChalkFirst Aid Box

07. Beechwood dust pan and brush

08. Chalk Steel Utility Bucket

09. Decanter Brush

Tall storage cupboard

Next in-line of my house improvements is turning the ugly redundant space under the stairs into a lovely bright, larger organised utility cupboard. The ones below are really inspiring where everything has a place, from the broom, hoover to the cleaning products.

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Mari Eriksson of An Angel at My Table

Image via: Pinterest

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