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Top Shops: Debbie Bliss Home

Even though Walthamstow village is around the corner and I've even worked on a couple of projects in Walthamstow, I had never visited the village. So after popping into God's Own Junkyard, I thought I'd go for a wonder! Right around the corner is Orford Road, where I stumbled arose a lovely little gift shop, Debbie Bliss Home. Debbie Bliss Home was launched in 2014 by Debbie Bliss and two years ago she set up store in Walthamstow Village. You can also shop online here. It's full of delightful home accessories and stationary, which I never get bored of looking at. I decided to treat myself to a wonderful little lobster plate.

A little present to myself!

After a little wonder we headed for a spot of lunch at the Tapas restaurant Orford Saloon.


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