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Top Shops: Soho House at Liberty of London

Soho House launched 'Soho Home' last year which gives us 'ordinary people' the chance to bring some of that Soho House style into our own homes. I love how they mix vintage, industrial and country looks to create their own strong eclectic style. So when I heard they had a temporary shop at Liberty's I had to pay a visit!

THE most inviting bed! You can't go wrong with crisp white sheets.

I love ceramics, especially when they have glazed details and bold brush strokes so this range is right up my alley!

Every time I see this sofa and chair in this this yellow mohair I feel inspired to cover my bedroom armchair in a similar colour, but I'm very undecicive when it comes to personal projects so it'll probably be another year till I decide on a fabric!

I might have to treat myself to a couple of these Barwell Cut Crystal Champagne Coupe for special occasions.

Of course whilst I was at the best shop ever (in my eyes) I took a few snaps of some more things that caught my eye such as the beautifully curated antiques collection by Les Couilles Du Chien.


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