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My Faves: Armchairs

So I now have a little collection of chairs waiting for their makeover but deciding on a fabric when it's not for a client seems to take much longer! So as part of the process I've been looking for inspiration form other chairs and whilst on my search have come across some other lovely chairs which I'd love to have but alas ebay doesn't have these beauties at such a good price.

Keep an eye my Etsy shop as over the next few weeks I shall be updating it with newly made over chairs!

Gio Ponti; Custom Walnut and Brass Armchairs, c1950.

Pair of Karpen Horn Chairs

Gold Leaf Hand Chair by Pedro Friedeberg

Pair of Easy Chairs with Stools, Italian, 1950s, in the Style of Ico Parisi

Midcentury Hoop Chairs

Long Based Cadogan Chair, David Seyfried

Pair of Italian 1950s Style Chairs


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